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Is YouTube a Credible Career-Boosting Resource?

A decade ago, YouTube was only in its infancy. Back then, it was primarily a platform for entertainment. That’s all changed — today, YouTube offers much more. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to educate yourself and advance personally and professionally!

Let’s take a closer look at how YouTube can serve as a credible career-boosting resource.

YouTube Can Teach You New Skills

There are all sorts of educational content on YouTube. Whether you’re looking to learn more about a software program, how to perform a particular task faster, or how to impress your boss, it’s all there. Just about anything you can think of, you can find tips and tricks for it on YouTube. In fact, a survey performed by Google and brand consultancy group Flamingo found that 64% of all respondents felt that YouTube helps them learn new skills that enable personal or professional advancement. In younger workers aged 25-34, that number is even higher, at 70%.

You Can Upload Your Own Videos

Don’t forget that YouTube can help your career in another way. If you have something to teach others, you can make your own videos and upload them to the platform. Often, you’ll find that teaching is really where you gain the most knowledge. Creating video content for the benefit of others not only feels good, it can boost your reputation. Employers will take notice if you have a significant number of views on your videos, and those videos apply directly to your professional life — don’t underestimate the power of the platform!

Use It To Your Advantage

If you’re looking to learn something new that will help you in your career, the internet is often the first place you’ll turn. And sometimes, a video is worth a thousand words. Consider seeking out YouTube videos to help you learn new skills and grow your knowledge base. And if you’ve made video content and uploaded it to the site, don’t hesitate to talk about that in job interviews, or even add it to your resume — helping others grow and advance gives you an authority that will serve you well down the road.

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