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5 Skills Everyone Needs in the Digital Era

The modern employee can benefit themselves by maintaining a few critical digital skills. Even if you don’t use these skills directly in your job, knowing the ropes can help you better understand your position and others’, ultimately giving you a leg up on the competition. Let’s take a closer look at five skills everyone should have in the digital era:

Research Skills

You can find almost any information you want online. But there are all sorts of misinformation out there, too. So, having solid research skills and knowing how to spot factual, credibly sourced information is a great skill to have. And knowing how to cite sources properly is an excellent thing to have under your belt as well. It’s always safer to give credit where credit is due rather than leave a citation out.

Building a Website

You may have no need or desire to build your own website but having an idea of what goes into website design can really give you a broader insight into the digital world and the jobs of others. And if you ever need to fix something on a company’s website or add a page to the site, you’ll have some idea of what you’re doing. Skills like coding and file conversion can benefit you in ways you haven’t even thought of!

Presentation Making

Most of the time, you’ll want to have a visual aid on hand if you’re making a presentation to the boss. Or perhaps you’re charged with designing a presentation for someone else to give. In either case, having a good grasp on presentation building is a great skill to have in the digital age. Using tools like Microsoft PowerPoint and having a good understanding of proper storytelling practices can really help you in your job.

Image and Video Editing

For many of the same reasons described above, having some basic skills in image and video editing can serve you well. There are all kinds of instances where you might need to resize or recolor a photo, or trim down a video. Brush up on these skills so you’re not caught off guard.

Personal Branding

Last but not least, the skill of personal branding is a critical one to have. Our entire identities exist online today — what does your online branding say about you? Take a close look at what your own website, social media profiles, or online portfolios present to the world. Making it a cohesive, solid “brand” is your best bet for impressing potential employers.

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