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3 Ways to Bridge the Age Gap in Your Workforce

If your company is like most in the modern working world, you employ people of different ages at your facility. Many changes have been made in recent years of the way different generations interact in the workplace, and it’s easy to get bogged down with unfair stereotypes and assumptions. But the reality of the situation is that you need to make your multi-generational workforce work happily together.

Here are three ways to bridge the age gap at your company:

Embrace Different Working Styles

It’s important to realize that different generations have different working styles. Embracing that, rather than fighting against it, is a crucial part of making things work smoothly at your organization. Older employees, for instance, may prefer to communicate in person or on the phone (especially if they entered the workforce before the technology boom!). Millennials and other younger workers, conversely, might prefer text or email communication. And neither group is wrong — allowing for multiple styles like this in one workplace makes everyone feel comfortable. As long as the results are there, what does it matter how it gets done?

Encourage Multi-Generational Communication

Allowing different generations to separate at your workplace is not a good idea. Over time, various generations will settle into camps, and there will be a lack of communication that doesn’t serve anyone well. Instead, mixing employees of every age, experience level, and working style makes for a diverse, multifaceted, and dynamic working environment. Consider implementing an open-door policy for supervisors, and have regular check-ins with employees. Build teams with people of various ages for the maximum breadth of experience and approaches.

Foster Respect at All Times

Above all, make sure that no team member is contributing to an environment of stereotyping or disrespect when it comes to your multi-generational working environment. Encourage employees to listen to one another and help each other, and outline clear conduct rules that make clear that disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. And engage with your employees on their terms, based on their age and experience — don’t treat anyone like someone they aren’t.

When you follow these simple steps, everyone at your company — from millennials working their first job to experienced veterans — can work alongside each other in harmony. And they might even learn something from one another!

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