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What Happens When You Don’t Like the Job You Just Started

It’s a scenario that many in the working world face at one time or another: you’ve just started a new job you’ve been very excited about, and you’re only a few days or weeks in. And already, you’ve come to a realization… you don’t like the position as much as you thought you would. What now? Do you try to make things better, or do you cut your losses and find something new?

Here are a few recommendations on what to do next.

Give It Time

Rule number one: give your new job a little time. After all, you’ve just started — how can you know how things will be a few weeks or months from now? What’s troubling you right now could completely change in time, so don’t throw in the towel immediately. And ask yourself if the things you don’t like about the job are built-in and will always be there, or if they’re perhaps temporary because you’ve just started. That can help guide you on what to do next.

Try to Make Adjustments

If you decide that it’s worth sticking around at your new job, for now, see if you can make any adjustments so that you’re happier with your job. Talk to your new boss about other responsibilities that you might be better suited for; see if you can switch teams and work with people you gel with more easily; get up 15 minutes earlier so that your commute isn’t as bad. Making even tiny adjustments can make a big difference!

Think About the Risks of Quitting

Before making a quick decision and quitting your new job, consider the risks. First of all, you’re putting yourself at financial risk by forgoing your income. Secondly, your resume could suffer if you tend to job-hop and only stay with companies for a few weeks or months at a time. And you’ll have to go through the entire process of finding, applying, interviewing, and training for a new job all over again.

Consider Other Paths

If you’ve done all of the above and you still find you’re not happy with your new job, it’s time to make a change. At this stage, you should put out feelers to see what other opportunities are out there. And if you’re suffering through a toxic work environment on a day-to-day basis and feel that it’s impacting your health, it’s time to quit.

It’s difficult to navigate the job field on your own. That’s why we’re here to help. If you’re in the market for a new position, call Axiom Staffing Group today.