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What You Can Do to Help Employees Who Don’t Have Reliable Transportation

It’s always a tough situation to navigate when one of your employees doesn’t have reliable transportation to and from your office. And even if that employee is a star at your company, if they can’t report to work on time or have to frequently miss work because of transportation troubles, they can’t stick around forever. So, what can you do to help employees who have transportation problems?

Implement Flexible Work Options

One of the easiest ways to address transportation issues is to try out flexible working options. Flexible options have been proven to help employees with transportation issues, and they tend to increase employee satisfaction and office morale at the same time. Flexible options include things like a remote work option, four 10-hour workdays with Fridays off (sometimes called “summer Fridays”), or flexible start and end times for the workday. Perhaps an employee can’t get a ride to make it into the office by 8:00 a.m., but if you have a flexible start time in place, they can make it in by 10:00. Problem solved!

Cover Commuting Costs

Many companies have started to cover commuting costs for their employees as a perk of the job. This might involve covering public transit costs, like a bus pass, or paying for monthly parking passes to cover the parking garage fees. This can make all the difference in the world for an employee who needs to use public transportation to get to work or someone who isn’t keen on driving in every day because of the prohibitive costs of parking their car.

Incentivize Alternative Transportation

Have you ever considered incentivizing your employees to take alternative modes of transportation other than their own vehicle? This might include things like bicycling, carpooling, or even walking if the employee lives close enough. With this kind of program, your company would offer some kind of perk to the employee (a small bonus at the end of the quarter, or a simple gift card) if they get to work with an alternative transport method. An added benefit is that this cuts down on your company’s overall carbon footprint as fewer employees use gasoline vehicles to make it to the office — you can even use it as an attractive draw for potential hires.

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