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Best Practices to Prepare for a Video Interview

Video interviews have been relatively commonplace for years, especially as remote positions and telecommuting became a normal part of the working world rather than the exception. And thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, causing a huge swath of the public to start working from home, companies are more likely to utilize video interviews than ever before.


If you’ll be participating in a video interview soon, it’s important to prepare beforehand so that you make the best impression. Read on for some great tips:


Prepare Your Environment

Think carefully about where you’ll hold the interview. You might be tempted to head out to a coffee shop or a cafe, but this has its risks — it might be loud and crowded, making it difficult to hold an interview. It’s usually best to pick a quiet spot at home, like your home office or the dining room table. Just make sure no distractions will interrupt you there, like kids or pets.


It’s best to have natural lighting shining on you rather than fluorescent lighting, so sit near a window if at all possible. And think about what’s behind you in the shot. Make sure there aren’t piles of laundry, dirty dishes, or anything else that could give a bad impression or be distracting for the interviewer.


Last but not least, clean off your desk or table and gather everything you’ll need for the interview. You might want to keep a list of key points about the company and the position nearby to reference, as well as a blank notepad to take notes. And it’s perfectly acceptable to have a glass of water or a cup of coffee close at hand.


Test Your Audio and Video

At least a day before the interview takes place, do a test run to check your camera, audio, and video, as well as the strength of your internet connection. There’s nothing worse than a video interview that suffers from poor technology, and it certainly won’t help your chances of securing the position. If you’re using a microphone for your audio, make sure it won’t rub against your shirt and create a lot of noise.


Focus on Body Language

Pay attention to your own body language and practice it before the interview begins. Sit up straight, rather than hunching over or leaning in toward the screen. Remember to show the interviewer that you’re engaged and listening by smiling and nodding — it’s not always easy to tell when someone’s heard you over a video connection, so make the extra effort.


Video interviews aren’t going away anytime soon, if ever. Get ahead of the game and prepare for your next video interview the right way. And if you need help with your job search, reach out to the professionals at Axiom Staffing Group today.