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How to Remain Productive Even if You’re Working From Home

Depending on your job, you might find yourself working from home now that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to stay locked down in our living spaces. If you’re not accustomed to remote work, it can be very hard to stay productive. That’s even more likely if you have children, pets, or other things that constantly call your attention away from work. So, what can you do to remain productive while working at home?


Set Specific Hours

It can be very helpful for many people to set specific work hours, ideally the same ones that you used to work on-site. That way, you have a specific start time and end time, as well as a lunch hour and small breaks throughout the day. Maintaining this structure helps many people to stay productive and complete tasks on-time.


Get Ready at the Start of Your Workday

If you start your workday in a state of flux — unshowered, unshaven, in your pajamas — your work might start to reflect that. For many individuals, it’s extremely helpful to get ready in the morning just as you normally would, and then enter your home office or open your laptop and get started. You don’t have to go all-out every single day (you’re working alone, after all), but setting that routine at the beginning of your workday is a good way to start things off positively.


Cut Out Distractions

Some of the biggest obstacles that people face while working from home are everyday distractions. Needy children, rambunctious pets, Netflix, the refrigerator… there are plenty of things that can call your attention away from your work. The trick is to cut out these distractions beforehand. Shut your office door; turn off your cell phone or the television in the corner; tell your children or partner that you need to be left alone during work hours. You might consider downloading apps or widgets that help to curtail distractions on your computer or phone, too.


Use Tech to Your Advantage

Modern technology is very useful for making work-from-home days more productive and easier. There are all sorts of apps and software programs that help organize your workflow, and video conferencing technology helps you stay in touch with your team. Use these things to your advantage to help yourself stay productive.


Keep Things Organized

When your workspace is untidy, it’s harder to work efficiently and effectively. Make sure to keep your desk uncluttered; you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel and how much your productivity level goes up.


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