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Top 5 Recruiting Trends on the Rise in 2020

Hiring and recruiting is vastly different than it was 30 years ago, or even 10. And the changes aren’t stopping as 2020 rolls on, especially with consideration to the COVID-19 pandemic and how it’s changed the industry landscape. So, what recruiting trends can you expect as we navigate the rest of the year? Here are the top five trends we expect to see.


Employers will hire for soft skills as well as hard skills.

It goes without saying that a job candidate must have the hard skills necessary to perform the tasks of the position. But now more than ever, soft skills are an essential part of being an attractive candidate. Soft skills include things like good time management, adaptive thinking, communication skills, and empathy. In today’s job world, these qualities are just as important as the technical parts of the position.


Company culture will take center-stage.

Employees are savvier than ever about the companies they work for, and they won’t accept putting in hours for something they don’t align with or believe in. If an employee can’t get behind a company’s goals or vision, they aren’t likely to stay. As 2020 continues, a positive, forward-thinking company culture is imperative to hire and retain the very best employees out there.


Remote and flexible positions will become even more commonplace.

Thanks in no small part to the coronavirus pandemic, remote positions will only become more common as 2020 continues on. And even if things go back to normal soon, jobs with some measure of flexibility — varying start times, working at home on Fridays, etc. — are now an indispensable part of the working world. For companies, it makes sense to include flexibility as an incentive when hiring if possible for the position.


A.I. will play an increased role in recruiting.

Many recruitment firms and job sites use A.I. technology to scan resumes and cover letters for essential keywords and keyword phrases. This kind of technology will continue to see widespread use in the recruiting world, and A.I. will probably expand toward even more sophisticated uses, such as video interviewing.


Companies will consider hiring from within.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit many businesses hard. This can make it difficult to hire outside employees, so many companies might turn inward when they’re looking to fill a role. Expect to see an increase in companies hiring internal talent before looking outward to the job field.


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