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What Do I Do If My Warehouse Runs Out of PPE?

One of the biggest problems that the COVID-19 pandemic has made clear is that the federal government, state, and local governments and even healthcare institutions were not properly prepared for a widespread disease outbreak. And those shortcomings could very easily result in your business not having an adequate supply of personal protective equipment or PPE. This includes things like gloves, masks, and gowns, which prove essential for keeping everyone safe during these unprecedented times.

If your warehouse runs out of PPE, it’s important to take quick action in order to keep your employees safe and your business running. Here are a few tips:

Implement Strict Social Distancing

If you weren’t making social distancing measures a requirement at your warehouse before, it’s important to do so now. If employees aren’t wearing masks, gloves, and other protective equipment because of a shortage, you’ll want to keep them several feet apart to stop the spread of germs, including the virus itself. Stay up-to-date on the latest guidelines and recommendations from organizations like the CDC, the World Health Organization (WHO), and OSHA so that you ensure all warehouse employees stay safe and healthy.

Make Your Own PPE

Have you considered making your own PPE if you can? Masks are typically the easiest item to make. See if your employees are able to bring masks, gloves, and other PPE from home, or if someone is a talented seamstress and may be able to sew up a few masks while at work. Even homemade PPE is better than nothing in a pinch!

Ramp Up Personal Hygiene Requirements

In addition to social distancing around the warehouse, proper hygiene protocols will be even more important now that you’ve run out of the PPE that you need. Post signs with clear guidelines on hand-washing; implement a strict sanitation protocol that ensures all communal or shared surfaces and items are sanitized regularly with an alcohol-based sanitizing solution; require any employee who feels sick to self-quarantine at home for at least two weeks. Make it clear to your employees that failure to adhere to these guidelines could result in disciplinary action – these rules are, after all, for the safety and health of everyone.

Scale Back Production

If all else fails, you’ll need to turn to last resorts. If at all possible, consider scaling back your production in order to have fewer employees on the floor at one time. If certain positions can be performed from home, allow it. Adjusting your staffing and scheduling in this manner to have fewer employees interacting in the same space at once might be necessary until you’re able to secure more of the essential PPE that your facility needs.

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