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What You Should Really Say During “Tell Me About Yourself”

“So, tell me a little bit about yourself.” In most interviews, this or some variation of it is the very first question you’ll be asked. And how you answer is quite literally the first impression you’ll be giving the interviewer, and the company as a whole. It’s important to make it a good one.

Here are some quick tips on what to say during “tell me about yourself.”

Talk about the present, the past, and the future.

Often, it’s good to frame your answer in this way: say something about the present, mention the past, and then look toward the future.

Start by telling the interviewer what you do right now. Discuss your current role, and maybe a recent accomplishment. Then, pivot to the past — how you got here, what kind of previous experience you have, etc. Finally, segue into the future. Why are you interested in this job? What makes you a good fit? What do you think you can offer to the team and/or company?

Tailor your answer to the position and the company.

You could go on for hours detailing all of your past experience and the specific things you’ve done. But that’s not what the interviewer is really looking for when they ask the question. Try tailoring your response to the position you’re interviewing for, in the context of the company and what they do. Tweak your past-present-future answer to fit with what the company does, and what your potential role will be. You can discuss how your past experience will serve you well in this new role, and what you’re excited about based on what you know of the company.

Don’t restate your resume.

The interviewer already has your resume in front of them. There’s no need for you to go over it again when answering the “tell me about yourself” question. The interviewer wants you to go deeper than your work experience and job history. This is your time to make it clear why you’re passionate about what you do, and why you’re excited to bring that passion to a new position. You can talk about your experience and past jobs, yes, but don’t make that the sole focus of your answer.

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