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3 Ways You Can Help Your Workforce With Their Commute

Commuting into the office can be a burden on your employees, especially if they don’t live close to your facility. A commute that’s easy for one person can be prohibitive for another, simply depending on factors like distance, transportation options, and family circumstances. So, how can you help your workforce have an easier time commuting? Here are a few ideas:

Implement a flexible work schedule.

Flexible work schedules were popular even before the pandemic. And it’s a great option for easing the commuting burden on your workforce. A flexible schedule can mean different things for different companies. Staggering start and end times is one option, giving employees greater flexibility to arrive and leave when they need to. Working from home certain days of the week, and coming into the office on others, is another option. Even having one day a week without a commute can be extremely beneficial to employees!

Consider subsidized transport methods.

Reach out to public transportation organizations in your area and do your research to find out more about subsidized commuting options. You may be able to partner with an electric bicycle company, or the local bus service, to provide your employees with a low-cost option to get to work. You might be able to purchase long-term bus tickets in bulk for a lower rate, for example. And there could be tax benefits for your company when you do things like this. It’s a win-win for you and your employees.

Provide access to health and wellness materials.

Sometimes, there’s just no way to shorten the commute your employees have to make. In that case, you’ll want to make sure they have access to health and wellness materials if they need them. That could be something as simple as an audiobook subscription to make the drive less burdensome, or access to HR staff or counselors to talk about the employee’s difficulties. Your employees need to know that you’re trying your best to make their commute as easy as possible.

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