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Home School, Now Summer Care? How to Save and Plan for Child Care

It’s been a tough past year for parents, especially those with young children. The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting school closures moved many children to home-schooling. Now that summer is approaching, parents will need to consider their options for summer care as well. And that can be made even more complicated as businesses are opening back up and parents are returning to work. So, what are some ways to save and plan for childcare?

Consider churches, YMCAs, and home-based daycare options.

Even if you’re not religious, local churches often provide high-quality daycare options for a lower cost than full-service daycare centers. YMCAs and local non-profit organizations might also provide these services. Be sure to do your research to find an option in your area that works for you. That way, you can have a plan set up as summer gets closer.

Look for income-based childcare centers.

Research childcare centers near you that offer sliding-scale fees based on income. You might make too much money to qualify for state-based childcare subsidies; sliding-scale operations like these provide a good way to get affordable childcare when you don’t qualify for help elsewhere.

Hire a summer sitter.

Hiring a sitter for the summer months may not be as expensive as you think. It’s a good way to manage work and family life during this difficult time. And finding a reputable sitter isn’t as hard as you might imagine. Try looking on sites like or, or consider posting flyers around local colleges.

Sign your kids up for summer camp.

Have you considered sending your kids to summer camp? Not only is it good for their socialization and character development, it’s a lot of fun. Plus, it allows you the freedom to work during the day while your kids spend time at camp. Overnight summer camps are another option, where your child might spend weeks away. Research summer camp options in your area to see what’s available.

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