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Why Third Shift Work Can Benefit Your Work-Life Balance

Have you ever worked the third shift before? It’s certainly not for everyone, but the fact is that third shift work also has many benefits. And, perhaps surprisingly, the night shift can be a good thing for some employees’ work-life balance. Here’s how:

Fewer meetings.

One advantage of third shift or night work is that there usually aren’t as many bosses and supervisors around leading to overall less stressful shifts. There are also fewer interruptions, like staff meetings, when the day shift isn’t around.

An easier commute.

Employees who work third shift almost always have an easier commute than those who work first or second shift. You can completely avoid the morning and evening rush hours; you’ll be heading to work once most people are already home, and leaving once most people have already completed their morning commute. Having a quicker, easier commute is a big boost for your work-life balance!

Better pay.

Third shift workers often make more than their day shift counterparts. And for many, that alone is a good way to improve work-life balance. When you feel you’re fairly compensated for the hours you put in, you tend to be more satisfied and happy on the job. That makes for a better experience during every shift. Third shift workers also have a chance to stand out from their counterparts and impress the boss, potentially leading to raises and promotions.

More time for errands.

Just because you work overnight doesn’t mean you don’t have any time in the day to yourself. The truth is that it can be much easier for third shift workers to run errands, schedule appointments, and complete the other obligations of daily life than it is for their day-shift counterparts. Those hours in the day when most people are at work make it easy for third shift workers to take care of the things they need to.

Third shift isn’t the right choice for everyone. But it has more benefits than you might think. And your work-life balance is one of them! If you’re interested in trying out a new shift, contact the staffing professionals at Axiom Staffing Group, and visit our jobs page to view available openings near you.