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How to Craft a Job Description That Yields Results

Is your company struggling to find and hire qualified candidates? The problem might be in an area you don’t suspect — your job descriptions. It’s important to realize that your job descriptions are a candidate’s first impression of your company. If they’re not crafted in the right way, you might be turning candidates off.

Here are a few tips on crafting job descriptions that yield results:

List the must-haves.

While it’s okay to include a few “dream qualifications” in your job descriptions, keep it small. It’s better to stick mostly to the “must-haves.” That’s because many candidates won’t bother applying at all if they feel they don’t meet the list of dream qualifications; you’ll be missing out on a wide range of talent.

Use concise language without company jargon.

Keep the language of your job descriptions concise, clear, and jargon-free. It’s easy to let company or industry jargon seep into your job descriptions, but it’s important to remember that these things probably won’t mean anything to job seekers who aren’t already in the industry. And that can make the applicant feel that they aren’t qualified to bother applying. Aim for universal language and phrasing at all times.

Avoid ambiguity.

Rather than saying the person in this role “handles” or “assists,” describe precisely how they handle and assist. Avoiding ambiguous language like this gives a far clearer picture of what the job will entail. This allows the applicant to picture themselves in the role, making it that much more likely that you’ll get qualified candidates applying.

Avoid gender-coded words.

A lot of modern job descriptions use gender-coded words, like “ninja” or “rock star.” These words might jazz up your job descriptions, but they can also alienate certain groups (women, in particular). Do some research to learn more about gender-coded words, and take care to eliminate them whenever possible from your job descriptions. You’ll be surprised at the results.

Emphasize your commitment to inclusion.

Your job description should include language about your company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. This is an important factor for job seekers today, and they’re not going to apply if they feel your company is falling short in this area. Make it clear in your job descriptions that your company is striving for inclusion and diversity at every step, including in the hiring process.

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