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What Does it Tell the Recruiter if I Apply to Two Jobs at One Company?

Have you come across a company that has multiple job openings? Do you feel that you qualify for more than just one? What does it tell your recruiter if you apply to two jobs at the same company?

It’s important to go about applying to multiple jobs at the same company in the right way. It’s not inherently a bad thing — it demonstrates that you feel you’re qualified for multiple roles and that you’re truly interested in becoming a part of the team. But it’s a good idea to navigate the situation in the appropriate way. Here’s how:

Be upfront about your choice.

Be upfront with everyone involved in the process about the fact that you’re applying to multiple jobs at the same company. That includes the hiring manager and your recruiter. Make sure everyone is on the same page about your applications so that no one is taken by surprise.

Tailor your applications.

Tailor your cover letter, resume, and other application documents to the specific role you’re applying for. If you send generic documents for each application, it will look like you’re just trying to apply to as much as possible to boost your chances of getting a job. Explain in the cover letter that you’re applying for multiple roles, and why.

Don’t go overboard.

As a general rule, it’s probably best to stick to two applications at the same company. More than that, and it risks coming across as arrogant or obnoxious. Unless you really feel that you could serve the company in more roles, keep the applications to two at most.

Follow up.

A week or so after submitting your applications, follow up with the company to inquire about the status if you haven’t heard anything yet. Remind them again that you applied for multiple positions because you feel that you qualify for more than one role and that you’re very interested in working for the company.

Remember, your recruiter is your partner during your job application journey. Be open and honest with them about your applications, and seek their advice. That’s what they do best!

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