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Scary Stats About Your Onboarding Process

When was the last time you thought about your onboarding process? The way you bring new employees into the fold at your company sets the tone for their entire employment, and it has a direct impact on company culture. Some of the stats about onboarding don’t bode well for companies. Let’s look at some onboarding statistics so your company can avoid the pitfalls.   

88% of organizations don’t onboard well.  

A Gallup poll found that 12 percent of employees say their organization does a great job at onboarding new employees. Of course, that means that a full 88 percent think their companies do a poor job! Remember that a strong onboarding process improves employee retention and satisfaction, so make sure you’re getting feedback from employees regularly about their onboarding experience. 

A bad onboarding experience doubles the chance of a new hire leaving. 

Did you know that employees who have bad onboarding experiences are twice as likely to look for another opportunity soon? That’s right – give your new hires a poor onboarding experience, and you’ve got a fifty-fifty chance of losing them. And because new hires cost around $4,000 to hire, your company is out of a lot of money.  

Most organizations only hold one week of onboarding. 

Stats from HCI indicate that most organizations stop their onboarding process after only a week. Understandably, this leaves new hires feeling confused and frustrated. A good onboarding program should last much longer – at least a month, and ideally through the new hire’s first 90 days. You can’t expect new hires to be fully up to speed until at least a few months in.  

58% of organizations focus their onboarding on paperwork. 

More than half of employers focus their onboarding procedures primarily on internal processes and paperwork. While those things are important, they’re not as important as a structured process that focuses on the people, team, and company. Setting your new hires up to understand how their role and team plays into the bigger picture is just as important as having them understand their day-to-day responsibilities.  

1 of every 5 new hires is unlikely to recommend an employer.  

Digitate’s findings show us that one out of every five new hires won’t recommend their employer to friends or family members. So, if your onboarding process isn’t up to par, you can probably give up on the idea of a lot of employee referrals to source new talent.  

Don’t let your company be a part of these statistics. Shore up your onboarding process to give new hires the best experience possible. It improves everything from productivity and employee satisfaction to company culture and ongoing recruitment efforts.   

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