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Can I Make More Money Working a Different Shift?

Have you ever considered working night shift, or second shift? For most employees, there is one big benefit: more money. Sometimes, switching off of day shift to night or evening work is a good way to keep your job but make a higher salary while doing it. 

Here are some considerations to make before deciding to switch to a different shift: 

More money might be the industry standard… or it might not. 

It’s likely that you will be able to earn more money if you work nights, evenings, or weekends. In most industries, it’s the standard. But be aware that that’s all it is – an industry-standard agreed upon between the employer and the employee (or a representative of the employee). Many employees make the mistake of thinking that extra pay for abnormal shift work is a requirement when it is in fact just a perk.  

Federal law doesn’t require employers to pay more for abnormal shifts. 

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not require employers to pay their staff extra for night work or other abnormal shift work. Basically, the law states that aside from overtime pay, employers don’t have to pay extra just because an employee works an abnormal shift. If you’re expecting to have a legal argument for demanding more money for night or evening work, you’re out of luck.  

Know what you’re signing up for. 

Here’s the bottom line: before signing up for abnormal shift work like night or second shift, make sure you understand the job completely. That includes what you’ll be making once you take that shift. When you have a full understanding of the pay structure and how it relates to each shift, you can make an informed decision. 

Consider additional factors besides pay.  

While pay is important, remember that it isn’t everything. For some employees, making a few extra dollars an hour to work nights is well worth it. For others, that extra cash isn’t worth sacrificing time with their families or having to adjust their sleep schedule. It all depends on your circumstances and lifestyle. Be sure to take all factors into consideration when you’re thinking about taking on a different shift.  

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