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How to Make Your Return to Commuting More Enjoyable

One thing laid bare by the pandemic and resulting shift to work-from-home is that commuting is no fun. Most employees don’t love their commute to work, especially if it’s long and difficult. If you have to return to the office soon and aren’t looking forward to the commute, it’s up to you to make the most of it.  

Whether your commute is ten minutes or two hours, here’s how to make it more enjoyable:  

Don’t dwell on the bad stuff.  

Constantly focusing on how much you dread your commute won’t make things any better. In fact, it will make them worse. Associating feelings of negativity with your ride to work will bleed directly into work itself. If you’ve had a horrible half-hour getting to your job, you’ve already started the day on a bad note. Do your best to focus on the positives, rather than dwelling on how much you hate your commute. No good will come of that.  

Make your commute productive.  

Listen to an audiobook. Use a hands-free app to learn a new language. Brainstorm ideas about your goals for the workday, or the week ahead. Make a mental checklist of errands you need to get done outside of the office. Making your commute a productive time brings meaning to it, allowing you to appreciate it much more. It’s truly killing two birds with one stone.  

Treat yourself.  

Whether it’s stopping by your favorite café on the way to work to grab a coffee or promising yourself a smoothie after you get home from evening rush hour, setting up little treats for yourself is a great way to make the commute go by faster. When you have something to look forward to, both on your commute and after it’s over, the whole experience will become much more enjoyable. Even treating yourself once or twice a week makes a big difference.  

Ask about flexible work options. 

Many employers are offering flexible options to accommodate the workforce’s changing needs. Ask your boss about flexible start and end times, hybrid schedules (working from home certain days of the week and in the office on others), and other flexible work options. This can make your commute much more bearable.  

Sometimes, it’s not your commute that’s the problem. It’s your job. If you’re in the market for a new position, contact the professionals at Axiom Staffing Group.