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Can Applying to Multiple Jobs at the Same Company Hurt or Help My Chances?

You’re on the career page of a company you admire and would like to work for, and you realize that you could qualify for more than one open position. Your first instinct is to apply to everything that fits what you’re looking for. But is that the right play? 

Many job seekers qualify for more than one position at the same company. The question is, is it helpful or hurtful to apply to multiple jobs at once? The answer, unfortunately, isn’t as simple as yes or no. The truth is that applying to multiple jobs at once could be a good thing, or it could be a bad one.  

Benefits of Applying to Multiple Jobs 

The obvious benefit of applying to multiple jobs at a company is that you have a greater chance of securing a job. And some employers see applying to multiple jobs at once as a sign of true interest. After all, you’re taking the time to fill out separate applications, so you must be interested in the positions.  

Risks of Applying to Multiple Jobs 

Applying to multiple jobs at once also runs some risks. First of all, some employers simply don’t like it. They view it as trying to game the system; trying to boost your chances statistically of getting a job. Even if that’s not at all what you’re doing, it can come across that way. Secondly, some employers might take the view that their roles are different from each other for a reason, and that you can’t be qualified for more than one.  

How to Approach the Problem 

Unless there is specific language on the employer’s career page telling you not to apply to multiple jobs at the company, there is no rule against it. You’re welcome to apply to multiple jobs at one company if you feel that you qualify for them. However, it’s usually best to keep this to a minimum. Applying to more than two jobs at the same company might look like you’re desperate.  

Take a hard look at the job qualifications and your skillset and experience. Using this information, narrow down the job listings to the top two that you qualify for. You can even mention in your cover letter that you’re applying for another job that the company has open—this is a good way to be transparent about what you’re doing so that there are no surprises.  

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