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Why Your Employer Brand is Essential to Hiring Success

The term “employer brand” gets tossed around a lot, but what it means is quite simple. It’s the impression that prospective employees, as well as customers, get of your company. And that impression is very important.  

Here are four reasons why your employer brand is essential to your organization’s hiring success: 

It helps attract top talent. 

A strong, positive employer brand is important because it attracts the best of the best. Top players in any field want to work for companies with great reputations. If you’re known as an organization that doesn’t value its employees, doesn’t provide opportunities for advancement, or has a high turnover rate, the cream of the crop isn’t very likely to come knocking. On the other hand, if your reputation is stellar, the very best want to come work for you. 

It helps you find good cultural fits.  

Remember, of course, that years of experience and all the right skill sets aren’t everything. A strong employer brand is also important for finding and hiring people who are the right culture fit for your organization. So much of your employer brand is about the people—your employees’ attitudes, your company’s mission and values, leadership’s approach from the top down, and more. When prospective job candidates can see your company culture plainly, you’ll be attracting those who are the right fit, every time.  

It delivers a top-notch candidate experience.  

Today, candidates care more than ever about your company’s vision and values, and they’re not willing to compromise on those things. Part of your employer brand means delivering a top-notch candidate experience throughout the recruitment and hiring process. Your brand is, after all, the very first touchpoint a candidate has with your organization. Make a good impression, and the candidate experience is off to a great start.  

It reduces your hiring costs.  

That’s right—a great employer brand actually saves you money. By attracting the right candidates the first time, and making those hires the right people who are committed to your company’s goals, you‘re reducing recruitment costs across the board, as well as turnover. That saves your company money in multiple ways at the same time.   

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