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Do I Have to Tell My References Every Time I Apply to a Job?

References are an important part of the job application process. In fact, a great conversation between the hiring manager and one of your references can make all the difference when it comes to landing a job or not. You’ve spent time carefully listing your references… your former supervisor, your mentor, a colleague from your last job. Now, the question is, do you let those people know every time you apply to a position? 

Play it safe and contact your references. 

It’s always best to play it safe and give your references a heads-up that they may be contacted. Think about it: would you like it if a total stranger called you out of nowhere, asking you questions about a former coworker or subordinate? Save your references the confusion and let them know you’ve sent out an application with their name on it.  

If you’re sending out multiple job applications in a short period of time, all with your references attached, try sending your references an email explaining the situation. Include a list of the jobs you’ve applied to so that the reference has a clear idea of the people who may be calling.  

Ask about contact info. 

When you’re letting your references know you’ve included them on applications, it’s the perfect time to check that their contact info is correct. Make sure their phone number and email are the ones that you’ve listed on your job application—otherwise, the job you applied to won’t be able to get in touch with your references, potentially affecting your ability to land the job. 

If you find that the contact information you listed on your application doesn’t match with your references, send the hiring manager a quick note letting them know. It’s better to get out ahead of it than let it hurt your chances at the job.  

Remember to thank them. 

Always remember to thank your references when letting them know you listed them on an application. This part of the application process is so important, and what your reference says to the hiring manager really can make all the difference. Make sure they know how much you appreciate their time.  

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