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How to Quit My Job and Not Burn Any Bridges

Are you thinking of quitting your job? Whether it’s because you’ve come across another great opportunity or because of life changes, you want to do it right when the time comes. Because burning a bridge is never a good idea, you’ll want to approach leaving your job in such a way that keeps everyone happy.  

Here’s how to quit your job without burning any bridges:  

Be gracious, not angry. 

Even if you’re thrilled to be leaving your job and hold a measure of animosity toward the work environment, don’t let that negativity come out when you’re quitting your job. Whether you’re writing a resignation letter or telling your boss in person or through a Zoom call, take a gracious tone. Make it clear that you’ve learned a lot from the position and that you’re grateful for the experience it’s given you—you don’t need to elaborate on  that experience.  

Make it about your career goals, not any one person. 

Make your leaving about yourself, not about someone else. Tell your boss that you’ve come across a position you can’t pass up, that it furthers your career goals and personal journey, and that it’s time for you to take the next step. Look forward, not backward. And don’t blame someone else on your way out; it’s just not a good look, and it won’t make you feel better.  

Don’t leave your coworkers scrambling. 

Someone has to pick up the slack when you leave. Take care to wrap up the projects or assignments you’re working on—don’t mail it in during your final days. Instead, wrap things up as neatly as you can, and try to give your coworkers a leg-up so that they’re standing on solid ground once you’re gone.  

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