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Addressing Absenteeism Issues in Warehouse Working Environments

Absenteeism can be a problem in almost every industry and field, and the warehouse environment is no exception. In warehouses, an added layer of trouble comes from too much absenteeism: it starts to affect safety. Absenteeism means staff members start to get overworked, increasing the chances of mistakes, or people start covering other jobs that they’re not as familiar with.  

Is absenteeism a problem in your warehouse? It’s time to address it.  

Make your absentee policy crystal clear.  

When was the last time you looked at the absence policy in your employee handbook? If the guidelines aren’t crystal clear to all employees from the moment they start with your organization, there’s a chance some employees might try to take advantage of it. Make sure your employees are aware of the consequences of absenteeism, as well as the proper procedure for calling in sick, getting shifts covered, taking vacation days, etc. When all of this is laid out properly from the start, there’s less chance that unplanned absences will happen regularly.  

Keep well-trained employees on-call.  

Do you have an on-call system in place at your warehouse facility? Keeping some of your best employees on-call—and paying them extra to do so—is a great way to mitigate the risk presented by absenteeism. That way, when an unplanned absence does occur, you know you have backup employees ready and willing to step in when it’s necessary.  

Develop workplace wellness initiatives. 

Absenteeism that seems to reoccur frequently might be indicative of more significant problems in your workplace, such as safety issues or workers not feeling like they’re valued. Developing initiatives to address these problems might be necessary if they’re not already in place. This allows employees to air their grievances safely and work with management to find solutions. You might even consider creating an on-site exercise space and wellness center and encouraging employees to use it before or after their shifts. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it can make.  

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