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Happiness Tips: Start Your Day with Gratitude

Do you ever wish you could be one of those people who pop out of bed in the morning, happy and raring to go? While not everyone is a morning person, it’s easier than you might think to wake up with a positive attitude. You have to train yourself to start each day with a little bit of gratitude.  

Take a moment first thing. 

The moment you wake up, look around. Take a moment to appreciate what you have: the items in your room, the fact that you have a safe place to sleep, the partner beside you, your loving pet at the foot of the bed. There are plenty of things to be grateful for every single day. But it’s easy to become complacent and forget how lucky we are. When you make the mindful choice to appreciate these things daily, you’ll start to get into the habit of beginning each day with a sense of gratitude.  

Remember: It’s a new day. 

Was yesterday a bad day? Have a tough day at work or dealing with family issues? Remind yourself the following day that it’s a brand-new day, which means that it’s a brand-new opportunity for you. Just because yesterday didn’t go well doesn’t mean today has to follow that same path. Treat every new day like an adventure because it’s up to you to take the reins and steer the day where you want it to go.  

Eat well and exercise.  

A practical tip that can help you feel better each morning is to start the day with a good meal and some exercise. We know—getting active first thing in the morning isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But even if you don’t hit the gym before work or complete a 12-step exercise program at home, you can do some light physical activity that will get your blood and endorphins flowing every morning. A few jumping jacks or other aerobics, for example, are perfect for starting the day off right. Couple that with a nutritious breakfast, and you’ll begin to look forward to the mornings. That means you’ll start to be grateful for that special time you have to yourself. 

Wake up grateful.  

When you wake up grateful, it sets the tone of the day. You’ll find that your interactions throughout the day, your actions and reactions, and your decisions seem to flow better. Keeping that sense of gratitude top-of-mind throughout your day makes a difference.  

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