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Are Online Job Boards a Waste of Time? Or Are They Still a Viable Way to Land a Job?

In the internet age, most of us search for jobs by going to Google and typing in our search query. From there, we’ll typically find our way to one of the major job boards—Indeed, Monster, etc.—or perhaps a smaller, more specialized job board. Then, we can search through openings and apply as we see fit.  

Is this the best way to land a job? Or are online job boards a waste of time? 

People can still find jobs through online job boards—it happens every single day. But the truth is that partnering with a professional staffing firm and the expert recruiters who work there is a more strategic and effective way to land your next great opportunity. Here’s why:  

Recruiters get to know you personally.  

Online job boards are impersonal. They don’t know who you are; all they know is what’s listed on your resume. And when you apply for a job through an online job board, the company’s technology is scanning your resume to find relevant keywords and hopefully push you toward the top of the pile. If your resume isn’t calibrated in the way the company needs it to be, you don’t stand a chance.  

Recruiters get to know you on a personal level. That means they help match you with an employer who suits your expertise, experience, background, and values. That personal approach to your job hunt makes all the difference.  

Recruiters advocate for you.  

Having a professional recruiter negotiating on your behalf is a big win. They can advocate for higher pay, better benefits, certain perks, special arrangements… the list goes on. Rather than going at the job search alone, partnering with a recruiter means you have a trusted confidant working on your behalf.  

Recruiters have access to exclusive opportunities.  

Did you know that many companies don’t bother listing their openings on the big job boards at all? They often will turn to staffing companies to advertise their job openings, giving access to those jobs exclusively to the candidates who partner with that firm. When you partner with a recruiter, you’re gaining access to a number of exclusive opportunities that you simply wouldn’t find on your own.  

Recruiters help you network.  

Another advantage of working with a recruiter is that you’re automatically growing your network. From the recruiter themselves to other employers, hiring managers, peers, and more, you’re building connections. And that’s a good thing for your future prospects and your career as a whole. 

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