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Why Should You Work with a Recruiter to Find Your Next Job… And the One After That?

Are you in the job market? Rather than going at it alone, consider partnering with a recruiter to find your next opportunity. There are many great reasons to find your next job (and the one after that) through a recruiter. They include: 

Access to Exclusive Opportunities

Top employers don’t always post their job openings publicly on the major job boards, or on job boards at all. Instead, they go through recruiters to find candidates directly. That means that when you partner with a recruiter, you’re gaining access to a pipeline of exclusive opportunities that most people can’t see.  

Time Savings

Let’s face it: It takes a lot of time to search job boards, craft applications, and set up interviews if you hear back. When you partner with a recruiter, the legwork is taken care of for you, ultimately saving you a lot of time. It’s a great way to secure a new position while you’re finishing up your current assignment, or simply to secure employment faster than you would be able to on your own. 

Boosted Visibility

Because of those partnerships your recruiter maintains with your region’s top employers, your visibility is increased greatly. Think of it this way: When you apply to jobs on your own, your application is joining hundreds, if not thousands, of similar applications. More than likely, you’ll get lost in the shuffle. But when you partner with a recruiter, your resume is getting delivered directly to that employer with a recommendation from the recruiter. This greatly increases your chances of an interview and, ultimately, a hire.   


You don’t want your current employer to find out that you’re searching for a new job. And recruiters make it their business to be confidential and discreet. When you work with a recruiter, you don’t have to upload your resume into databases that your employer could potentially come across. Instead, your resume and application are submitted directly to potential new employers. 

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