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Why You Should Develop a Relationship with Your Staffing Vendor – and Not Operate at a Strictly Transactional Level

Some companies operate at a totally transactional level when it comes to interacting with their staffing vendor—the company needs X amount of employees with X certain skills, and the vendor fills it. But this approach isn’t getting the full value out of a staffing company. Rather than seeing the partnership as purely transactional, think of it as a relationship. Here’s the benefit:  

Your staffing vendor will better understand your needs.

When you keep in close contact with your staffing vendor, they’ll get to understand your company’s ins and outs—what you really need out of the candidates they source for you, what your business goals are in the short- and long-term, what you ultimately want to accomplish. Of course, they’ll also better understand the practicalities like labor budget and specific candidate skills you’re looking for. To put it simply, when you maintain a good working relationship with your staffing vendor, your business benefits.  

You’ll get the candidates you want, fast.

When your staffing vendor better understands what you’re looking for in candidates, they can source and hire those candidates in a shorter timeframe. That means you get the labor support you need, when you need it—there’s no waiting around for months at a time when you need qualified staff now for a special project, or to help out during a particularly busy period. Your staffing vendor can do their best work when they know your business inside and out, including what you’re needs are in terms of candidates.  

You’ll have peace of mind.

Last but not least, maintaining a good relationship with your staffing vendor is a good idea because it gives you peace of mind. When that unexpected need arises for extra support staff, you can rest assured the help you need is only one phone call away. If you maintain a purely transactional relationship, your vendor might not be able to help you scale up your labor as needed so efficiently. And that can have a negative impact on your business’s bottom line.  

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