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Four Interviewing Tips That Will Help You Stay Calm, Relaxed, and Productive

Let’s face it: Job interviews can be stressful. Many of us aren’t good at talking about ourselves and our accomplishments, and it’s nerve-wracking to meet someone new and try to impress them right away. But doing your best to remain calm and relaxed is important – that will help you make a good impression and have a productive, positive interview.  

Here are four tips to stay calm during your next job interview: 

What Four Interview Tips Can Help You Stay Calm

#1: Be prepared. 

There’s nothing worse than going into a job interview blind. You’ll stand almost no chance of impressing the hiring manager. Instead, do your research and be prepared. Know everything you can about the position you’re interviewing for, the company as a whole, and (if possible) the hiring manager themselves and the team or department you would be working with. Come prepared with questions to ask the hiring manager to show your interest and learn more.  

#2: Think of it as a conversation, not an interrogation.  

Interviews can feel like interrogations, but they’re not. And good hiring managers won’t make it feel like a never-ending stream of tough questions. They’ll make it feel like a conversation because that’s what it is. Frame it in your mind as two people talking about a job opportunity, and you’ll feel much better. 

#3: Practice. 

There’s no shame in sitting in front of a mirror at home, asking yourself the questions you think the hiring manager might ask, and watching yourself answer them. This kind of rehearsal is instrumental in feeling more comfortable when the real interview comes along. You can pay attention to your body language and mannerisms to make sure you’re projecting the image you want. And you’ll get your mind thinking about the hiring manager’s questions, setting you up for success. 

#4: Focus on your breathing. 

When we’re stressed, we tend to start breathing faster and taking short, shallow breaths. You’ll want to focus on doing the opposite when you feel yourself getting stressed before or during the interview. Deep breaths allow more oxygen into the bloodstream, which relaxes our bodies. Remind yourself to breathe normally and focus on taking deep, calming breaths.  

Are You Prepared For Your Interview?

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