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How Can You Form Stronger Relationships With Your Temporary Employees?

It can be difficult for employers to form strong relationships with temporary staff – after all, they’re not permanent members of the team and will be moving on eventually. But making no effort doesn’t foster a positive work environment, and it doesn’t help you get the most out of your temporary staff. So, how can you build stronger relationships?  

Make them feel like part of the team. 

It’s important to make your temporary workers feel just as much a part of the team as your permanent staff – because they are. Include temporary workers in everything that the rest of the staff is included in. Meetings, morning huddles, conferences, happy hours after work… the list goes on. When temporary workers are included along with everyone else, the relationships between coworkers and with the company at large grow stronger.  

Utilize their strengths.  

Temporary workers tend to have a varied background, giving them a wide range of experience and unique perspectives that permanent employees – especially those who have worked in one setting or field their entire careers – don’t always have. When you bring on temporary workers, take the time to understand their experience and skillsets, and then play to those strengths to get the most out of your team. 

Recognize success and show your appreciation.  

For a temporary worker, nothing is worse than putting in a lot of effort and time and feeling like they’re unseen at the end of the day. Make a point to recognize the contributions of your temporary staff, and show your appreciation. Whether it’s giving a shout-out at the next team meeting or simply telling a temporary worker “thank you,” a little appreciation goes a long way. 

Ask for feedback.  

One of the best ways for an employer to form good relationships with employees – temporary or otherwise – is to ask for feedback. You might have a formal feedback program, or you can simply ask in person or through an email. However, you do it, giving temporary employees the opportunity to express their feelings about you as an employer and their experience with your company is a great way to form stronger bonds. And you’ll learn something in the process. 

Are You Building Strong Relationships with Your Temporary Workers?

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