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How to Continue Your Job Search During Economic Downturn

The job market and the economy are closely connected. This means that looking for a job can have ups and downs, mirroring the health of the economy. During a recession, small or large, finding a job gets harder than when the economy is flourishing and companies are hiring to keep up with demand.  

However, don’t get down and out. If you’re looking for a job when the economy isn’t at its best, there are still ways that you can stand out from other job seekers and find promising opportunities. 

Tips to Find a Great Job During a Struggling Economy 

Here are some things to consider if you’re looking for a job during an economic downturn or recession. 

Consider a Job Least Affected by a Recession 

The economy affects so much. If you’re open to considering new opportunities, an economic downturn is the perfect opportunity to try something new. Considering a job in a field that is least affected by a recession is a smart choice because they’ll probably be hiring (at least a few positions) even when other industries have slowed or are laying off workers. 

  • Education 
  • Business 
  • Technology 
  • Legal 
  • Government 
  • Energy 
  • Healthcare 
  • Food Manufacturing 

Remember that each of these industries has several different types of positions, so even if you don’t have formal training, starting at an entry-level and earning a regular paycheck is better than not bringing in any income. From there, you can continue your education to grow within the field if you would like.  

Don’t Get Stuck on Your Title 

It can be easy to think that you need to find a job with a certain title to it. During an economic downturn, it’s better for you to look at specific companies or job descriptions with skills that you have. When the economy is struggling, focus on finding a good job that you can do well, rather than looking specifically for a title. 

Reach Out to Your Network 

If there’s ever a time to lean on personal connections, this is it! Look at your LinkedIn connections and other connections in your life. You probably won’t get a job after one conversation, but after rebuilding a relationship or meeting new people, you may find an opportunity that you would never have known about otherwise.  

Revamp Your Resume 

As you’re doing all of the previous steps, look over your resume with fresh eyes and tidy it up. While getting too creative is not actually helpful, be sure your resume is bold, nice to look at, compelling, solid with proof of your professional abilities, concise, and compelling. Once you create a general resume, you can tailor it quickly for different job opportunities going forward.  

Consider Other Work Schedules  

Nowadays, there are so many options to work. Even if you need a full-time job, consider a part-time, temporary, contract, or freelance opportunities. If you find a job that is promising and will enhance your resume, but it is not your ideal schedule, that’s OK. It’s better to take something that’s promising while it’s being offered during a recession than to pass it up because it’s not ideal. That contract job or freelance gig may give you the necessary experience for another opportunity or open other doors.  

Contact the Professionals for More Advice 

If you feel like working with a staffing agency can help your career or want to learn more about the opportunities, contact Axiom Staffing Group. 

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