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Misconceptions About Networking

When you think of the word “networking,” what comes to mind? If you’re thinking of cocktail parties or local business chapters, you may be thinking that this practice is either A) outdated or B) not right for your industry. 

Thankfully, there’s so much more to networking these days. Whether you’re in white-collar or blue-collar industries, there are plenty of opportunities for effective networking to help you make connections in your field.

What Are The Misconceptions About Networking?

Why Network?

First, why should you be concerned with networking? Everyone is busy. In fact, it seems like as the years go on, people are getting even busier than before. Even though you may be busy, networking can benefit your career, and it’s worth making the time for it:

  • Create meaningful connections for mentorship and growth as well as friendship
  • Learn about potential job opportunities before they are posted
  • Become inspired by how others are navigating their career path
  • Discover new trends and opportunities to earn more credentials

How You Can Network in Your Industry to Make the Most of Your Career

Consider these pointers to help you get started and make the most of networking in your field.

Use the Right Tools

One of the easiest ways to network is through LinkedIn. This platform has several capabilities that help to create meaningful and relevant connections. Over the years, while it has enhanced its offerings, it has also begun to take on a similar feel to Facebook. It also tends to cater to more white-collar industries. While that’s not a bad thing, if you’re working in a trade, your connections matter just as much. 

You may be able to find local trade groups on both LinkedIn and Facebook. Utilizing these specialized groups can help you make local connections that can lead to solid opportunities and also friendships that span across the country.

A new platform, Jobcase, is starting to emerge as a hub for tradespeople to make connections as well. If you haven’t discovered it yet, it’s worth a look.

Make it Fun & Active

Networking doesn’t have to be stuffy. Invite a few of your coworkers to get together over an activity you all enjoy. Whether it’s board games or basketball, a chance to nurture relationships you enjoy can be beneficial for your career without having to seem stuffy or fake. Invite your coworkers to invite anyone they know in the industry as well, and pretty soon, you could have a regular networking event that is full of potential without feeling forced and uncomfortable.

Connect with Those in Compatible Industries

One of the most fascinating things about trade industries is how much they are connected and intertwined with one another. When it comes to networking, it is extremely beneficial for tradespeople to connect with those in compatible industries. In addition to building enjoyable connections, this can lead to lucrative referrals and partnerships that can grow even more over time. 

Let the Experts in Your Industry Guide You to the Right Job

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