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Why You Should Be Defining Your Must-Haves During A Job Search

When you’re looking for a new job, whether you’re still employed or not, it can be tempting to just apply with rapid-fire to any opportunity that’s appealing.

Unfortunately, this approach might not pay off. While it may be tempting to think that the more jobs you apply to, the greater chances you’ll have at receiving an offer, you don’t want just any job. You want the job that will meet your list of must-haves.

Why You Need to Define Your Must-Haves

When you accept a job, you’ll be investing a lot of time in the office and with your coworkers, in addition to being a part of a company’s culture and values. Since you’ll be spending so much of your time and energy into your job, it’s important to work in a position that supports your goals and must-haves.

While this might make total sense, job seekers often don’t take the time to determine their must-haves before or during their job search. This can lead to a confused searching process, as well as accepting jobs that might not really be the best fit.

How to Determine Your Must-Haves

Here are a few tips to determine your must-haves so you can find a job that supports your career goals for the short- and long-term.

Consider External Aspects of the Job

The external aspects of a job are what people usually consider in their list of must-haves. It’s natural to easily define what you need in terms of compensation and health benefits. However, don’t stop there. Here are other external aspects of your job that are important to consider when defining your must-haves.

Location and Commute

What type of surrounding businesses are close by to make things like groceries or meals convenient? How long and congested is the commute? Does it make sense for your work-life balance to spend as much time commuting?

Work Flexibility

Do you require flexibility when it comes to where you work (i.e: remote or in-office)? How will the company allow you to adapt with family emergencies, children’s activities, or personal issues?

Physical Environment

Is the location safe? Does it have the necessary accommodations you will need? Does the working space provide privacy or is it open? How does that work with your ability to focus and be productive?

Don’t Overlook Internal Aspects of the Job

Next is what most job seekers tend to overlook or worry about only once they’ve already accepted an offer. Internal aspects can be harder to discern during the job searching process, however, when you are aware of your must-haves in this category, you might be able to gain a better understanding during the interview process. Here are a handful of internal aspects to consider.

Company Culture

A company’s culture stems from shared beliefs and values which are established by leaders. These values are reinforced through various methods and ultimately shape how employees work, behave, and interact with each other in the workplace. The company culture is usually so embedded that you can almost feel it when walking into the office. Some people may thrive on constantly understanding the culture, while others are happy to just do great work in their hours at the office. 

Work Relationship with Supervisor

When you have a direct supervisor to report to, you will probably find that you’re more successful when your work meshes with their leadership style. Understanding what type of management style is best for you may help you determine which type of job will help you grow as a professional. Everything from performance evaluation to communication is important when it comes to working with your supervisor.

Interesting Work (to You)

Not every day at your job will be the most exciting and interesting day, however it’s always nice when you find some interest and satisfaction in the type of work that you’re doing. This can help increase your motivation – especially during stressful times. Every job, even if it’s interesting to you, will still have boring tasks that are necessary to be successful. Decide how much of your job must be interesting for you to be engaged.

Ability to Embrace Change

Companies must be able to embrace a certain level of change to survive. While some companies are constantly adopting the latest and greatest in technological advancements, others opt for a better balance. You need to decide which of these companies you’d like to work for. If you like to adopt change at a slower pace, but not be stuck in antiquated technologies that stall productivity, you may like the second type of company. If you are always looking for the next best version of advancement, a company like the first option may suit your personality best.

Growth Opportunities

Another important internal factor to consider is what growth opportunities look like at the company. Does the company promote from within more than they hire new people? Do they encourage exploration so you can find a place at a company versus finding a better job outside the company? As you consider your career goals and must-haves, you should have a better idea of what growth opportunities will help you reach your potential.

Find a Job that Makes the Most Sense for Your Goals

If you need help finding a job that meets your must-haves and career goals, contact Axiom Staffing Group.