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How To Leave A Job Gracefully

No matter why you’re planning to leave your job, this move is one that can (and should) be done gracefully. Each move in your career counts. Just as you want to start a job off on the right foot and make a good impression, you want to end a job gracefully, leaving a lasting good impression with your former employer.

What is The Best Way to Leave a Job on Good Terms

Leaving Gracefully Matters

To resign gracefully means to let your employer know that you plan on leaving in a dignified and respectful way. Here’s why leaving a job gracefully is important:

  • You maintain goodwill with your employer, which can help with a reference down the road, or even if an opportunity comes up in the future to work together again.
  • You will have time to resolve work issues and help coworkers to take on your load before you leave.
  • You show your new employer that relationships matter; that you will show them the same courtesy in the future.

Here’s How to Leave a Job with Grace and Respect

In order to leave on the best terms and be ready to succeed in your new role, follow these tips.

Notify Your Employer

Your supervisor should be the first to know of your plans to leave, before any coworkers or clients. When discussing your plans, you should include this critical information:

  • When your last day will be.
  • Your reason for leaving, like going back to school or accepting a new job.
  • Express gratitude for the opportunity you’ve had.

You can also ask your employer how they prefer your coworkers and clients find out. Maybe they want to make the announcement, or maybe they won’t mind letting you share the news. Giving them the chance to control this aspect of your departure shows how you respect ongoing relations once you leave the team.

Submit an Official Resignation Letter

Even though you’ve talked to your supervisor, an official resignation letter is good for the company to have on file. While some offices don’t require this, if you write one up, be sure to include this information:

  • A statement of your resignation
  • The date of your last day of work in your current position
  • Sincere gratitude to your employer for the experience
  • Your contact details, especially if you have volunteered to answer any job-related questions after you leave

Work Hard Until Your Last Day

Just because you’re getting ready to leave, doesn’t mean you should start to slack off. Instead, be sure to work your best until that last day. Arrive on time and stay your normal hours. Whether you’re doing your usual job, or helping the team transition, be helpful and a part of the team until your last day.

Return Any Company Property

It’s a no-brainer to return any company property you may have acquired for your role. Technological devices are obvious, but also, be sure to delete any personal files or information from them before doing so. You may want to double-check with the IT workers to see if they need any of your passwords, so they have access to the meaningful work you did during your time. When in doubt, ask so you can be as helpful as possible.

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