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What are the Benefits of Having a Mentor?

Whether you’re new in your field or are looking to grow in your profession, having a mentor can be a beneficial step for your career.

What Benefits Are There to Having a Mentor?

What is a Mentor?

A good mentor helps you realize your potential and helps you reach new heights. They’ll work with you in both personal and professional development so that you can find lasting success.

You may find a mentor in your office, from an alumni association or professional network.

Benefits of a Mentor

Helps You Achieve Your Goals

A mentor truly wants you to succeed. They’ll often help you develop your goals and then help you determine the steps you need to take to achieve those goals. A mentor is often willing to share with you their professional journey, including risks, mistakes, and successes. Being able to learn from a mentor’s experience can save you some of the trouble on your way to achieving your goals.

Provides Feedback & Encouragement

A mentor will be honest with you. They understand that helpful feedback can help you grow into the person you’re striving to be. They can help you assess how to improve your performance at work to better meet your goals and aspirations. In addition to feedback, a mentor will, of course provide you with encouragement. As you’re on the road to achieving your goals, you will run into roadblocks and challenges, but the encouragement from your mentor can help you bust through and continue on the path for success.

Adds to Your Rolladex

Well, no one has those anymore. But you do have contacts and connections. Your mentor will likely add to your connections, growing your network and resources. A mentor understands that while they can guide and support you, you may also benefit from another contact of theirs. They’re quite happy to help build your network so you have the best connections and resources to be successful.

Increases Chances of Promotions & Raises

With the personalized attention from a mentor, professionals usually find themselves excelling in the workplace and reaching their goals. This will often lead to opportunities for a promotion. 

A mentor is a great person to ask for advice on asking for a raise as well. Instead of making a foolish mistake during a conversation about compensation or a talk about a promotion, the insight from your mentor can help you navigate this opportunity. 

You Might Be Able to Pay it Forward

Those who have had the experience with a mentor often go on to become mentors themselves down the road. Experiencing the benefits of a mentor firsthand can often motivate you to provide the same type of guidance for someone else. 

Find a Career that Matches Your Goals

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