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Strategies for Handling Tough Interview Questions

After putting forth your best focus and efforts into your job search, that exciting opportunity to schedule a job interview will feel like a well-deserved win! Moving on from the application to the interview is an important step in the right direction.

But you know the job isn’t in the bag; an interview is no small feat. The usual preparation for an interview includes:

  • Researching the company using their website and social media pages
  • Going over potential responses based on the job description and your qualifications.
  • Knowing the directions and location of the interview.

In addition to the usual interview preparation, it’s a good idea to prepare for the difficult and unexpected. Leaving early to avoid traffic issues is astute. You should also consider some tough interview questions. Some interviewers ask difficult questions to see how a candidate deals with the unexpected, while other questions may evoke creativity. 

Regardless of their reasoning, you can help yourself get ready for tough interview questions by adhering to these strategies.

How Can You Handle Tough Interview Questions?

3 Examples of Tough Interview Questions

“Tell me about yourself.”

Oftentimes, this question provokes candidates to begin sharing information about their family, pets, and extracurricular activities. While this is not a terrible thing, a better strategy is to rely on your resume for talking points. Discuss your professional experiences that have led you to this point in your career. How have those experiences shaped your aspirations for your career goals?

“What are your weaknesses?”

It’s hard to be introspective, especially about things that aren’t your strengths. But progress speaks volumes and a person who takes initiative to improve themselves is an asset to any team. Take this opportunity to discuss not only some skills you are less proficient in but also what steps you are taking to turn those “weaknesses” into strengths. 

“What wage/salary do you need to make?”

It’s not always common for an interviewer to ask such a direct question about compensation. However, you may have such a question asked, so it’s important to understand how to answer appropriately. Before going to the interview, it’s necessary that you do research on the local competitive pay rate for that particular position. Once you have that number, consider if your experience warrants more or less. You’ll also need to consider your own personal financial needs. When asked a question about what wage or salary you need, you should be able to speak with respect, confidence, and professionalism. 

When In Doubt, Slow Down

There could be a variety of tough interview questions you may encounter during your job search and interview process. The best tip for any question is to take a breath and collect your thoughts. Instead of beginning a rambling answer with no clear point in sight, slow yourself down to formulate a clear thought and focus. 

Ace the Interview to Get the Job You Want

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