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Interview Tip: Why Researching the Company Beforehand Matters

Landing an interview is a great milestone in the job-searching journey. Soon after you feel the “YES!” of getting an interview, a feeling of anxiety might replace the excitement.

The job interview is a nerve-wracking experience for just about anyone, but preparation is key for a successful interview.

You know you should research common interview questions and practice some of your answers, but did you know that you should research the company as well?

Why You Should Research the Company Before Your Interview

When you research the company you are interviewing with, you’ll learn quite a bit. Reach up to understand their mission, history, culture, and values. Checking their website and social media profiles is one of the best ways to learn about these topics.

While this may be somewhat straightforward, here are some other reasons to research the company before your interview.

Craft Meaningful Questions

As you learn more about the company through your research, you are able to craft more meaningful questions for your interview. Instead of asking your interviewer basic questions, when you ask ones that prove your research, you’ll not only learn more, but you may impress the interviewer as well.

  • After your research, you may decide to ask insightful questions like:
    I saw that the company’s mission is X. Can you share some of the company’s short and long-term goals with me? What part would I play in helping the business achieve those goals?
  • I see that X is important to your company. How would you say that team leaders set employees up for success in that area?

What you can see here that is important is the “X” factor. When you craft your questions after researching, be sure to mention specifics so it’s clear you did your research.

Demonstrate Your Interest

When you ask meaningful questions that show you spent time “doing your homework,” it demonstrates how interested and invested you are in this job opportunity. This can be a factor that sets you apart from the competition.

Employers are not only looking for skilled and qualified workers but also for someone willing to do the work, even beyond expectation.

Determine if the Company is the Right Fit

You’ll find out a lot about the company in your research. As discussed, you will learn about their mission, values, culture, and history. After asking your meaningful questions and listening to the answers the interviewers provide, you will ultimately be able to understand whether or not the company and job opportunity is the right fit for you!

Looking for the Right Job?

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