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Ways to Find a Job That Aligns with Your Life’s Purpose

More and more employees are interested in working for a company that they can identify with on a deeper level. Instead of just working to make a decent living, people are more concerned with how their values and life purpose align with the mission and values of the company that pays them. 

How Can You Find a Job That Aligns With Your Life’s Purpose?

Committed Over Compromise

Workers don’t only feel this sentiment, but not being aligned with their employer has become a main reason for them to leave a position. More and more workers are searching for a job opportunity that aligns with their values instead of jeopardizing their job satisfaction, motivation, mental health, or well-being. 

If you haven’t considered looking for a job with your values as a criteria, consider taking these steps to identify your purpose, plus how to find a job that matches it. 

Find a Job that Serves Your Purpose

If you want to have a job that aligns with your purpose, you first need to determine what that is exactly. Remember that a job is more than just a way to make money. Consider that your job is a critical way to connect with others, help a cause, or relate with your community. 

Establish Your Core Values

To find a job that lets you do this according to your purpose, you need to decide what your core values are that you can’t live without:

  • Intrinsic personality traits
  • Personal circumstances
  • Morals

If you’re unsure where to begin this self-exploration process, look into free online tools, like tests or quizzes. Opt for science-backed and reputable options so you can obtain quality insights. 

Determine Non-Negotiables & Flexibilities

Based on the results of online quizzes and self-reflection, you should make a list that sets apart three to five items that are non-negotiables. These are must-haves for you to consider a job offer because, at your core purpose, these align with your values or lifestyle. Outside of that short list, you also need to consider what you will be flexible with. Will you compromise a schedule preference for the company’s values that align with yours? 

Research Job Opportunities & Employers

When you are choosing your job based on how it aligns with your values and purpose, it’ll be crucial to spend extra time researching each opportunity. Explore company websites to learn what you can on the culture and values of the company. Look up reviews on Glassdoor, and find past or current workers on social networking sites to learn more about how employees feel while working at the company. 

Consider the Short- & Long-Term Impact

If you’re looking for a job that is more than just making a paycheck, then you’ll want to consider how this job will impact the short- and long-term picture for yourself and even others. When you are serious about finding a job that aligns with your purpose and values, then you will try to match your values and your mission to the company’s.

Find a Job that Inspires You and your Purpose

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