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Can a Mentor Help You With Career Growth?

There are a lot of ways to enhance your career. From a different position, to reading industry publications, to networking, there are several ways to grow in your profession. One of the best pieces to your professional development puzzle could be finding a mentor. 

A mentor can be helpful at any stage of your career. Having a mentor might help you in ways you never even knew you needed and can be an invaluable resource for guidance, perspective, and advice. However, if you’re not sure where to start on this journey, here are some ideas.

How a Mentor Can Help You Grow in Your Career

Help You Understand What You Want

If you thought that you needed to have your career trajectory decided before meeting with a mentor, think again. A mentor is a great person to help you figure it out. Whether you’re unsure of what you want, or unsure of how to make your goals a reality, a mentor can help guide you. A good mentor has your best interests in mind and can help you reflect on your current career and your future aspirations. 

Learn From Their Mistakes (& Successes)

We all know how valuable it is to be able to learn from someone else’s mistakes rather than having to go through it all on our own. This is another way that a mentor can help you grow in your career. When you’re able to hear their story, their path, their mistakes, their successes, you’re able to gain a wealth of knowledge that can help direct you on your own path – all while maybe saving you some time and headache!

Holding You Accountable

When you have a mentor, you are in a relationship – a professional one. As you’re learning and soaking up their advice and guidance, they are also holding you accountable. It’s one thing to tell yourself that you are going to do something meaningful. When you make known your commitments to your mentor, it will be a lot harder to let it slip through the cracks. You’ll be more accountable to make good on your goals when you have a mentor. 

Gain Access to a Wider Network

As you continue to build your professional network, your mentor may also be able to share contacts of theirs who are relevant to your journey. Gaining access to a wider network can be an invaluable resource that could help you early on in your relationship, or even years down the road. 

How to Find & Choose a Mentor

It might not be crystal clear who your mentor should be. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right one.

Trustworthy, Without a Doubt

You must be able to trust your mentor. You’ll be sharing confidential information with them that shouldn’t be shared unless you ask them to share it with someone. You want to be able to speak openly about professional insecurities, challenges, and aspirations. These can all be vulnerable topics that you should feel comfortable discussing with your mentor. Clearly, trust has to be the foundation of a successful mentoring relationship.


You’ll also want to find a mentor that you admire. You should respect their talent and their advice. They do not have to be a direct role model, but they should inspire you to be a better version of yourself. 

Consider a Few, if Necessary

You may have an idea of who you want to be your mentor. If you decide, after a few conversations, that this person isn’t quite living up to your expectations, it’s OK to consider someone different. It’s better to find the right mentor than to pour your confidence and trust in a relationship that you feel isn’t beneficial; it will end up draining both of you. 

Grow Your Career with Guidance From the Pros

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