How Does the Gig Economy Help You Earn Extra Cash?

The gig economy has experienced a big surge in recent years. We’re now seeing more people working as freelancers or independent contractors for short-term engagements. According to research by Intuit, “The gig economy is now estimated to be about 34 percent of the workforce and expected to be 43 percent by 2020.” Here’s why you […]

Effective Tips to Make Your Resume Look Consistent

Employers look at multiple elements of a resume. They always look at work experience, job skills, and background. But there’s one thing that might not be so obvious, and that’s consistency. Get Interviews says to “Make sure you’re conveying the same message throughout your entire resume. By doing so, your consistency will tell employers that […]

Become a Leader With These New Behaviors

There’s an ongoing debate as to whether leadership is an innate ability or something that’s learned over time. Is it nature or nurture? While it’s true that some individuals are gifted with extraordinary leadership abilities from birth and undeniable charisma, much of it can be learned. It all boils down to making a concerted effort […]

What Skills Show Excellence at Handling Customer Service on Social Media?

Social media is used for several different aspects of sales and marketing. One trend that’s catching on is using it for handling customer service requests. Brands that implement this strategy correctly can streamline customer service, keep customers happy and improve their overall brand equity. Having the following skills shows excellence at handling customer service on […]

Temp to Hire Success

Working with temp-to-hire employees makes sense for businesses on many levels. It’s a non-committal way to “test the waters” and assess a worker’s aptitude before making a hiring decision. It also tends to be cost effective and can save money in both the recruiting and hiring process. But priming temp-to-hire employees for success is contingent […]

How to Hire the Best Candidate Quickly

Hiring new employees is a fairly exhaustive process for many companies. In fact, Officevibe reports, “It takes an average of 27 working days to make a new hire (an all-time high).” Without a streamlined hiring process in place, you’re wasting time and money. What’s worse is that the top candidates are usually off the market […]