How to Properly Use LinkedIn to Recruit Top Candidates

With over half a billion users and 260 million of them logging in monthly, LinkedIn is the go-to for many recruiters. Many of which have great success, finding highly talented candidates that are assets to the workplace. To fully take advantage of this resource, you must know how to properly utilize LinkedIn’s recruiting tools. Here […]

Shutdown Workplace Sexual Harassment Before it Becomes an Issue

Sexual harassment is a serious problem affecting today’s workplace. A 2016 study by the EEOC found that approximately one in four women reported having experienced sexual harassment in the workplace at some point. Besides the mental and physical toll it takes, it costs companies millions with the EEOC recovering $164.5 million in 2015 alone for […]

Retention- Keeping your Best People

Employee retention can have impactful consequences on a workplace, and affects everything from morale and culture to productivity and profitability. It’s easy to see why maintaining high employee retention is such a big deal for employers. In fact, a recent study by Future Workplace and Kronos found, “87 percent of employers cite improving retention as […]

Which Qualities Do Call Center Managers Want in Their Employees?

Working as an employee in a call center requires a person who possesses a distinct set of traits and skills. Not just anyone can handle the day-to-day pressure this position demands. There are certain qualities call center managers tend to look for when deciding who they should hire. Here are five qualities call center managers […]

Will Facebook Jobs Become a Legitimate Recruitment Tool?

Facebook is the world’s most widely used social media platform by a considerable margin. As of Q3 2017, it had 2.07 billion active users and still continues to see steady growth. On top of this, there’s a massive level of engagement. In fact, the average global user spends 20+ minutes on Facebook each day, and […]

Will You Find Your First Job in 2018 on Google for Jobs?

It seems that Google has its hand in everything these days, and the recruitment market is no exception. In May 2017, Google unveiled “Google for Jobs,” which is designed to allow people to use their products to find work. Let’s discuss the basics of how it works and key features that can help your job […]