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How to Always Be on Time When You Don’t Have a Ride to Work

Showing up on time to work is critical. A reliable employee might seem like an expected trait by managers, but being at work on time every day can make you dependable to your company. But what if you don’t have your own personal transportation? While this no doubt creates difficulty, you have a few different options to ensure you’re always on time to work even when without a ride.


These are both ridesharing apps that enable people to find reliable transportation. Both have a strong presence in many locations throughout the U.S. and can be quite viable for ensuring that you consistently have the transportation you need to get to and from work. The best part is these services tend to be fairly affordable and typically cost less than a taxi. If you live near other co-workers, consider splitting the cost to save money with this option.

Live Close to Public Transportation

If you’re in a larger city with a solid public transportation system in place, this may be the most feasible option. Whether it’s a subway, bus or train, public transportation is usually reliable and cost-effective. Ideally, you’ll reside in a location that’s only a short distance to a public transportation hub so you can access it with ease. Look into a commuter pass that could have lower fares than the normal price.

Explore Local Programs

In some areas, community and church groups offer programs where individuals are given free rides to work and for other important matters. Look into local resources to see if something like this is available in your city.

Negotiate With a Taxi Company

There are many cases where a taxi company will give discounts to individuals who use their services on a consistent basis. You may want to contact a few local taxi companies to see if they have anything like this available.

Work With Your Employer

If you suspect that transportation will be an ongoing issue, it’s best to discuss it with your employer. Let them know about your situation so they’ll have a better understanding of what’s going on and won’t think you’re tardy because of an oversight on your end. They may even be able to come up with a solution like finding a co-worker for you to get rides from.

Not having a ride to work puts you in a tough position. However, there are several different possibilities for getting transportation so you can make promptness a habit and avoid unnecessary tardiness.

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