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How a Ride to Work Program Benefits Your Recruiting Efforts

Right now, 7.6 million workers in the United States receive some sort of employer-provided commuting benefits. If your company isn’t among them, it might be time to consider changing that. Not only are commuting benefits like ride-to-work programs good for your current employees, but they’re also good for your organization’s recruiting efforts. Here’s how:

It attracts the cream of the crop.

All the benefits that you offer your employees, from competitive pay and paid time off to health benefits and commuting benefits, work together to attract candidates. And the more benefits you have, the better candidates you’re likely to attract. When applicants see something like a ride-to-work program, they’re automatically more attracted to your company.

It shows you support work-life balance.

Now more than ever before, employees are paying attention to their own work-life balance, and they’re not willing to sacrifice it for a paycheck. When candidates know that you offer something like a ride-to-work program, they know right away that you support employees’ work-life balance. That’s only a good thing for your recruiting efforts.

It shows you support energy conservation and environmental efforts.

Ride-to-work programs and other types of employee transportation or commuting programs have a great benefit: they’re good for the environment. Less energy and gasoline are used when people carpool together or use public transportation. For environmentally-conscious employees, knowing that the organization they work for supports this effort is a big win.

It shows you’re invested in your employees.

Perhaps the biggest way that a ride-to-work program benefits your recruiting efforts is the simplest: it shows prospective employees that you care. By offering something like this, you’re demonstrating that you’re not just concerned with employees while they’re on the clock. You’re concerned about how they’re getting to work, how they’re leaving, and how they’re doing outside of the walls of your company.

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