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3 Reasons to Build a Strong Professional Relationship With Your Recruiter

The recruiter’s job is to connect talented job seekers like yourself with top companies in your region. But connecting with a recruiter is about a lot more than a one-time job hunt. There are many great reasons to build a strong professional relationship with your recruiter, as it can benefit you in the short term and throughout your future career.  

Here are three reasons to build a strong relationship with your recruiter: 

#1: Quick access to top opportunities. 

Even if you’re happy with your job right now, it doesn’t mean things will always be that way. And even if you’re happy where you are, you just never know when something better might come along. Without a strong relationship with your recruiter, those opportunities could pass you by completely. When you keep in touch with your recruiter, you’ll be the first to know about great opportunities matching your skillset and job requirements. It’s simply the best way to make sure you’re always making the right choices for your career.  

#2: Build your professional network. 

Recruiters are employment professionals who make it their business to connect with a wide variety of employers, hiring managers, and job candidates like yourself. When you connect with a recruiter, you’re automatically growing your professional network. Maintaining a strong relationship means you’re always at the forefront of the talent pool in your area, ready to connect with others whenever the opportunity arises. And if you know colleagues, past coworkers, or friends looking for work, you and your recruiter are a great resource – you can grow each other’s professional networks to everyone’s benefit.  

#3: Stay current with the market.  

When you maintain a close professional relationship with your recruiter, you’ll always be on top of trends in the market, including salary ranges for the work you do, common career paths for people in your field, and more. Recruitment experts keep close tabs on the market, so you can rest assured you’re always being paid what you’re worth and are where you need to be in your career. 

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