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Follow These Easy Steps to Stand Out While Working a Temp-to-Hire Job

When you work a temp-to-hire job, you begin working on a probationary temporary basis – this period might last for a few weeks or months – before transitioning into a full-time role with the company if both parties agree. For most temp-to-hire job candidates, the goal is to impress the employer and land a permanent role by the time the probationary period ends. So, what can you do to stand out while working as a temp in hopes of landing that full-time job? 

Try these tips to stand out in your temp-to-hire role: 

Find ways to help others. 

The best employees are those who are willing to jump in and help their colleagues. Don’t wait to be asked to provide additional help – go above and beyond even when it’s not asked of you. Not only will your coworkers appreciate it and make their appreciation known to supervisors and department heads, but those in charge will take notice, too. This makes it that much more likely you’ll secure a permanent spot by the time your temporary period is up. 

Learn more. 

Being in a temporary role doesn’t mean you can’t go above and beyond when it comes to learning new things at your job. Look for opportunities to grow and develop, whether it’s learning a new skill, gaining a deeper understanding of workflows and processes, or studying your craft in a deeper way. Not only will you be better at your job in the long run, supervisors will take notice that you’re taking the initiative to better yourself. Employers want people like that on their teams! 

Be a leader. 

Showing leadership capabilities is another great way to stand out in your temp-to-hire role. If you have more years in the field than some of your younger or less-experienced colleagues, show them a thing or two. Act as a mentor, a leader for the team at large, and you will see positive results. And your supervisors and hiring managers will notice it, too – employers want to hire people with the drive and ambition to get things done, so it makes it all the more likely you’ll be offered a full-time role after your temporary period is over. 

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