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How to Work Successfully With a Staffing Agency

Are you thinking of partnering with a staffing agency like Axiom Staffing Group to help fill open roles at your company? It’s a great idea! Working with a staffing partner means you’re making the smart choice operationally and financially to staff your company with the best.  

Here’s how to make the most of your partnership: 

Be honest and transparent.

If you’re unclear – or, even worse, dishonest – about your staffing and personnel needs, your partnership with a staffing firm is not off to a good start. Be open and transparent about what you’re looking for from the recruitment firm and the candidates they’ll find for you. Let the staffing firm know if they’ve found candidates and you don’t like them. As with most things, honesty is the best policy!  

Know what options you have.

Staffing firms offer a wide variety of options for companies like yours, including temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire, executive search, and other kinds of staffing arrangements. Perhaps you don‘t really need a full-time permanent hire for that opening because a temporary worker would do just fine. Maybe you‘d like to evaluate employees on the job before extending an offer – just let your staffing partner know you’re interested in temp-to-hire. You always want to be aware of your options upfront. 

Define skills and objectives for open positions.

Your recruitment partner can’t know the skills you’re looking for in candidates or the objectives you have for a certain role if you don’t communicate with them. Be sure to work closely with your recruiting partner to define skills and objectives for every one of your open roles. This ensures the best fit when your staffing partner matches qualified candidates with your job openings.  

Be clear about the timeline.

Talk with your recruitment partner to fully understand the timeline for filling a role. It can take more time to find a high-level executive, for example, than it does to find a temporary assembler or an administrative professional. You want to go into the relationship fully aware of the timetable so no one is disappointed or caught off-guard.  

Fill Your Open Roles With Axiom Staffing Group 

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