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Staying Focused & Increasing Your Creativity

When was the last time you thought about boosting your creativity? Unfortunately, if you’re like most adults, it may have been a long time ago. While being focused and productive at work is especially important, both to get your work done and to be safe while doing it, creativity is also something that should not be neglected. 

What is Creativity?

Creativity is more than just “art.” Of course, making art is a great way to boost productivity, the idea is much more than that. Creativity is all about generating new things, finding new solutions, or experiencing something new. While in the workplace, this can relate to things like new ways of communicating with employees, new management approaches, or new innovations, to name a few. It can be tough, however, when you’re in the daily grind to be able to step back and get creative. While taking time to reflect and analyze a situation is beneficial, fostering creativity in other realms of life can actually help you stay focused on the job and be creative at work.

How to Get Creative to Benefit Your Work Life (and Personal Life, Too)

Consider Your Energy Levels

The days can be so busy that it can be hard to approach any task with a fresh mind. To help boost your energy and creativity throughout the day, the first step is to understand when your energy is high and when it crashes. Take note of what activities make you excited, tire you out, or are boring. While you probably can’t eliminate those things, understanding how your energy is affected by different tasks can help you approach them in a more productive way. 

Change Up Your Breaks

Routines can be comforting, but they can also zap away the opportunity to get creative. Consider changing up your breaks with an outdoor walk, a visit to a different coffee shop, or packing a different snack to eat. If you can’t make it outside, consider spending that break doing something you remember enjoying, like doodling or writing.

Find a New Activity

Boosting creativity can also happen by giving your heart rate a boost. Exercise is extremely beneficial for a lot of reasons, obviously, but trying a new fitness class or activity is also a great way to give your brain (and muscles) a boost, which can also spark creativity on the job.

Make Something

There’s actually a lot to be said about doing art, even when you’re an adult. Making a craft is something that’s usually completely different from how you spend most of your time so it’s another effective way to keep your brain firing. If you have kids, invite them to do a craft with you on the weekend; or do an artsy date night with anything from pottery to painting; or get your hands dirty with a DIY home project. Any of these creative activities can not only be a way to add extra fun into your life but the stress relief can also help you be inspired to get creative with work solutions, too.

Find a Job that Helps You Reach Your Career Goals

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