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Benefits Of Keeping Your Resume Updated

In a world where it’s hard for people to escape their work day even after hours, maybe the last thing you feel like doing is something work-related. However, one of the best things you can do for your career is to keep your resume up to date.

While most workers only update their resume when they’re actively looking for a job, there are several reasons why keeping it up to date is a better practice. 

Why Keeping Your Resume Updated is One of the Best Things You Can Do

You Can Jump on the Right Opportunity Faster

When you have a solid general resume of your career, it makes jumping in job opportunities easy and less stressful. Forget about the angst of writing that crucial document when you need it – you have it already!

As you find a job you want to apply to, utilize the job description, responsibilities, and skills to tailor your existing resume. You’ll want to be sure the resume you submit speaks directly to the job posting and uses important keywords. Not only will this catch the eye of a recruiter, but software systems will flag your resume as a match when it includes relevant keywords.

*Tip: When you’re tailoring your resume, be sure to make a copy of your updated general resume and title it in a way that keeps you organized. Example: Last Name Job Title Company Year.*

You Have a Useful Tool for Performance Reviews 

Your up-to-date resume can also help you in your current job. When it’s time for a performance review, you can simply use your resume as a way to remember the accomplishments you’ve made in your position. After you’ve recalled these successes, you may need to elaborate on each point in a separate document for your manager, but your updated resume is a helpful tool to get started.

It Provides a Glimpse of Your Career Path

Time passes so quickly with jam-packed days. This makes it nearly impossible to remember and reflect on every step of your professional journey. When you keep your resume comprehensive and up-to-date, it allows you to take a look at your professional journey in a complete way. Do you notice any patterns? What positions did you like the most and why?  Would you have done anything differently? What do you want now? What’s a goal or dream you want to be able to add to this in the future? These are all useful questions that are easy to answer for yourself when you have a clear picture of your professional experience.

Not Finding the Job You’re Looking For?

If you’re having a hard time finding the job you want, maybe it’s time to contact Axiom Staffing Group. You can let these experts in your industry help you find the opportunity that’s best for your career goals.