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Taking Advantage Of Peak Hiring Season

Each industry has a different peak or lull season of hiring, but there’s one time of year that seems to be a promising season for hiring across the board: the new year.

At the start of a new year, job seekers are considering their goals while companies are doing that as well, making it an opportune time to find a job you’ll love since companies are likely to be hiring to achieve their goals.

If you want to take advantage of this peak hiring season, keep reading.

How Can You Take Advantage of Peak Hiring Season?

Why January – February is the Best Time of Year to Look for a Job

In addition to companies creating their goals for the new year, there are a few other reasons why January is a peak hiring season (and a great time for you to start a new job).

  • Teams are getting back into the swing of things after the holiday season which means you’ll have an easier time catching up to speed on company processes, new projects, and finding your place in the company culture.
  • Budgets have been set for the year, and companies are looking to bring on those new employees with the money they allocated to personnel expenses.
  • Many workers may leave their positions because of their own quest, making room for new talent to enter.

What You Need to Do to Find the Right Job

If you’re ready to find a job in this peak hiring season, here are a few pointers that will get you prepared.

Review & Update Your Resume

Of course, the first thing you should do is create or update your basic resume. Be sure to use active language and include quantitative results in your work history if you can. Keep your formatting simple and effective so it’s easy for recruiters and recruiting software systems to read. Once you have an updated resume, it will be easier to customize appropriately for each job position.

Set Your Goals and Get Organized

It’s important to determine your career goals before you begin scouring the job boards. By understanding your financial goals, how you want to grow in your career, and even what you want your work schedule to look like, you will have an easier time deciding which opportunities to apply to and which ones are fine to pass up. Even during the peak hiring season, it’s best to only apply to your best options.

Clean Up Your Social Media Presence

If you haven’t already been tidying up your social media profiles, take this time to do so. Recruiters and hiring managers will certainly check out your name on various platforms. They may do this before they consider an interview, so it’s better to start this task earlier than later in the process.

Reconnect with Peers

It’s never too late to start reconnecting with peers. When you first reach out, don’t immediately ask for a job recommendation. Rebuild that genuine connection, and you never know how it may lead to a promising job opportunity.

Find a Job that Gets You Excited for the New Year

If you want a new job this year, contact Axiom Staffing Group so you can take advantage of this peak hiring season.