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Power of Empathy: How to Lead with Compassion and Understanding

Every leader has been taught about the importance of empathy at one point or another. However, with the daily responsibilities, it can be easily forgotten or ignored. When you’re busy with keeping your team on track and working hard to stay on top of your own work, it can be hard to remember how important empathy is to your team. 

How Can You Lead a Team with Compassion and Understanding?

What is Empathy in Leadership?

Empathy in leadership is the ability to understand what your employees are feeling in relation to their workload and understanding what it might be like to “be in their shoes.” 

It makes sense that you can be a better leader to your team when you’re able to relate to what they’re experiencing. This connection with your employees can pay off in many ways, from greater communication to increased productivity.

Now, Let’s Look at Compassion

While empathy is important for leaders, compassion is another quality that is significant in building a strong, connected team. 

What is compassion? Compassion takes empathy to another step. In addition to understanding where someone is coming from or what they are feeling, compassion is about looking for a way to help someone if they need it.

How to Be Compassionate at Work

As a leader, when you see your employee missing deadlines or slacking in their performance, utilize your empathy and compassion first. 

Try to understand where they might be coming from, or what they might be dealing with. If you don’t know, call a private meeting and find out what’s going on. Being able to understand why your employee isn’t performing as usual, is an important first step, and that’s where empathy comes into play.

But be prepared to take it even a step further. As you understand why your employee is having a hard time, be ready to show compassion and try to help them figure out how to get back to their usual self and productivity. 

The Importance of Empathy & Compassion

When a leader is able to act with empathy and compassion, they prove to their employees how much they value and respect them. When employees feel this, it can lead to an increase in productivity, greater worker satisfaction, and overall healthy employee retention. 

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