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How to Leverage Your Alumni Network in Your Job Search

When you’re searching for a new job, you consider several sources for leads. One that is often overlooked is your alumni network. While you may have LinkedIn and other social networks to use, the bonds of the alumni network are strong and can provide fruitful opportunities.

How to Leverage Your Alumni Network

If you haven’t been in connection with your alumni network for a while (or ever), follow these best practices to reach out and make meaningful connections.

Stay Current with Your Alma Mater

One of the first steps to leveraging your alumni network is to know what’s happening at your alma mater. Subscribe to their magazine or newspaper and follow them on social media. Stay current with their happenings and even consider attending some events to find meaningful connections. 

Don’t be afraid to start conversations or comment on others’ successes. Supporting each other is what alumni do!

Connect with Alumni on Social Networks

Social media sites make finding fellow alum really easy. Simply searching on LinkedIn or Facebook can bring up lists of possible connections. Go a step further and join some of the groups on the social media sites for your alma mater. You may even find alumni groups within your industry. Can’t find one that appeals to you? Create a group for your alumni with a niche interest, and you may be rewarded in several ways.

Tap into Your Alumni Career Center

One of the greatest ongoing resources an alma mater provides is the career center. They have career counselors to help you find connections with other alumni in the industry you’re interested in. Since people are often excited to help out a fellow alum, finding a connection in your field can lead to incredible mentorship as well as career opportunities. 

When to Ask for a Job Connection

Even though your alumni network is the perfect place to find possible job opportunities or leads, it doesn’t mean that’s the first thing you should discuss. Enjoy the process of making genuine connections to discover what opportunities may arise. Along the way, you may discover more about yourself, form new relationships, and have the chance to help others as well. 

Consider a Staffing Agency for Finding the Right Job

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